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Stand at the Head of Barbarian Army with “Attila” Slot Game


Why wouldn’t you try to combine business and pleasure and have some really good time? What do we mean and how can you do that? Well, it is simple. If you are a fan of online slot games (which is most likely so if you are on this website reading the articles about slots), and you want to spend some good time without having to leave your cozy home and couch, there is a great way for you to do that.

Who haven’t heard about the great and severe warrior that during ancient times used to lead the tribe of the Huns and was able to conquer the whole Roman Empire? Of course, it’s Attila. And if you think that going to the battle with him is something on the verge of fantasy, you are wrong.

Do you want to get back in time to the era of barbarians conquering great empires and feel like a leader of the army? Play “Attila” for free or for money and plunge into the ancient history!

“Attila” Slot Game: the General Description and Layout

There is pretty much nothing complicated about managing the “Attila” slot. Novomatic company has created a classic slot with 9 lines and 5 reels, which is still different from many others because of the thrilling story and thematic symbols. Do you want to win the maximum amount? Then it is necessary to stake the maximum rate, which is equal to 50 credits. Activating all 9 lines is also worth it, as in such way the probability of hitting the winning combination will increase a lot.

If you want to play “Attila” for money or for free, you can use a variety of wagering lines. Those who do not want to risk, can make a bet just one cent. And those for whom the excitement is in the first place, all the lines are set at 100 credits, and then, if the rotation is successful, you will get a nice tidy sum to your account. To set the maximum amount of bets on all lines you just have to a click «Bet Max» button and watch the reels spinning.

For those who do not want to continuously push the “Start” button to make the reels spin, there is a function of the game startup. To make a use of it, you should simply click on the «Autostart» button. When it is pressed again, the spinning of the reels will be stopped.

You should definitely look into the payout table before you start playing for free without registration at Attila. It will at once become clear that all the characters of the “Attila” slot machine are going to remind the players of the game about the great battles of the famous warrior. And of course, from the payout table you will learn how much money you can get to your account for this or that combination of symbols.

“Attila” Strategy: Bonus Games and Special Symbols

Noble warriors of Attila’s army will bring you up to 750 coins, daytime arrows – 400 coins, night arrows and a cabin near the river – 250 coins. The card symbols will help you get a little break from the war and provide you with 2 to 125 coins. But “Attila” slot machine is also interesting because of bonuses and special features.

The commander Attila himself is a special Wild symbol that can play the role and take the place of any other symbol to complete the bonus line. And yes, it has the highest multiplication factor. He will bring you 9000 coins if it will appear five times on the reels. Another special character is a Scatter. It represents the image of soldiers celebrating victory at sunset. If three Scatters land on the reels, it will start the bonus round – 15 free spins.

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