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Participants of online bingo receive a certain number of cards. These cards consist of printed randomly unique numbers. The player must either cross out the number fell or covers the winning number with special tokens. If the game is played for money, the players need to buy each card at a set price. Lottery numbers are determined by a kind of box with a set of balls with numerals. The balls are taken one by one and the winning number of the ball is announced. The players are looking at their cards to see if they have such a number.

The aim of the game: players need to fill in the whole card or the specified figure. If a player manages to fill in the card under some conditions he/she utters the word “Bingo”, at this point the game stops and the filled card is verified to see if everything is correct. According to the rules the player receives a prize.

Variety of Bingo

Bingo has several varieties, but the two main are:

The British bingo which uses 90 balls. Players have cards consisting of three rows of nine cells. Each row has 5 numbers. In the first column there are numbers from 1 to 10, the second line from 11 to 21, etc., the card has 15 random numbers in the range from 1 to 90. The game takes place in three stages. The first intermediate winner is the one who fills 1 of the line, the second winner is the one who fills two lines, and the main winner is the one who fills out all the numbers on the card.

The prize money is distributed in the following way:

  1. 15% – for any one line.
  2. 30% – for any two lines.
  3. 55% – for the whole card.

If several players have the necessary combination, the prize money is divided between them.

U.S. bingo with 75 balls. The cards have the number of cells – 25. The central cell is empty or it is better to say that it is already automatically filled, in the remaining cells there are 24 numbers. American Bingo balls typically include not only the number but also one of the five letters. These letters are indicated in the card above each column. Over the first column there is the letter B and it includes the numbers from 1 to 15. The letter I is above the second column and accordingly there are numbers from 16 to 30. On the third column there is the letter N and the numbers from 31 to 45, on the fourth – G and the numbers from 46 to 60, on the fifth – O and the numbers from 61 to 75. All the letters make up the word «BINGO».

The aim of this bingo type is that you need to fill a certain form on the card, e.g. a cylinder (hat), or an aircraft, or certain lines. Used figures are rotated 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and also symmetrical shapes relative to the horizontal or vertical axes of symmetry are used.

Different TV channels use Bingo TV. Tickets or cards can be purchased in a variety of specialized stalls in banks and shops. The Internet allows you to expand your opportunities for participation in the game Bingo further. Currently through the Internet you are able to play free Bingo games. Bingo lovers can always play one of several different games at online casinos. For example, the bingo balls 90, 75 balls and other types, for example, 80 balls. Enjoy Bingo no deposit game on this site any time of the day and night.

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