Columbus Deluxe Free Slot

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Explore New Lands and Gain Treasures with “Columbus Deluxe” Slot Game

Columbus Deluxe Free Slot

When you were a child, did you ever dreamed about traveling to distant lands, discovering new uncharted lands and slot machines to play for free? If so, then the slot machine “Columbus Deluxe” powered by Novomatic Gaminator will surely please you. After all, here the player will have to go on long journey accompanied by Christopher Columbus, who had given this slot his very name.

And once again, Austrian developers of slot game machines managed to please the fans of interesting and quality slots by releasing the second version of the “Columbus” slot machine that was popular worldwide. The updated graphics and the improved design of the slot will please the eye, but that is not only thing that was changed. The changes were made to the rules of the slot as well: Christopher Columbus is playing a greater role in “Columbus Deluxe” slot game than he used to in the previous version of the slot game.

Play “Columbus Deluxe” Online: Rules and Terms

The terms in the “Columbus Deluxe” are the same as in the classical version. It has the same symbols as his famous predecessor. The display of the slot will show you some playing cards. You will get the payout of the winning amount after the appearance of three identical playing cards in one line on the screen.

Neither explorer ever goes to sea without a sextant – the specific navigation device for mariners. If the image of this symbol appears on the display of the slot machine in an amount of five, the original bet you have placed will be increased once in 250 times. And the Necklace Symbol can improve the financial position of the player by 500 bets. Lovely Spanish Queen will bring the increase of your bet up to 1000 times. Five images of the main character of this updated slot game – traveler Christopher Columbus, are going to increase the winning prize at the maximum bet level up to 5,000 times.

Risk game is stored in the slot machine Columbus Deluxe as well as in its classical version. Each player has the opportunity to double their capital, having guessed the color of a playing card that is hidden from the player. Free Spins option in an amount of 10 spins can be won if you manage to hit at least three symbols that have the image of the ship on them.

“Columbus Deluxe” Strategy: Bonuses

Many people like to traveling through the seas and oceans in the team of famous explorer Christopher Columbus, but it is much more interesting to get a real benefit from the trip! The developers of “Columbus Deluxe” have provided a number of tools and features that help to get big cash prizes in the process of entertainment. In addition to the standard Autoplay, you will find Doubling game and Free Spins. The latter, by the way, is triggered after you get 3 or more scatter symbols, which is represented by the image of the ship. Using these capabilities at the right time, every participant has a chance to get a nice amount of money!

 Many modern machines offer visitors a bonus game with special features and functions, but not every player thinks that slot intentionally directs the participants into a new and unfamiliar space, where winning can be very difficult. Apparatus Columbus Deluxe operates differently. Providing guests with bonus rotation directly on the playing field, the slot don’t confuse players to specific characters and unfamiliar design.

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