Crazy Мonkey Free Slot

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Get Crazy and Rich with “Crazy Monkeys” Slot Game

Crazy Мonkey Free Slot

The general model of slot machine games is pretty old, being created in far seventies, and gaining popularity in the form of separate machines that could have been found in casinos of Las Vegas and other cities, as well as in hotel lobbies and various diners. But as the time was going by, and the technologies kept developing, new horizons were opened and all the games got a new life in the form of online slots. That is when the most of the competition started, as developers have to do their best to make their slot the most attractive for people. And we should say that developers and designers from Novoline really did their best, and their efforts and talent is pretty obvious, as it can be seen from the “Crazy Monkey” slot.

“Crazy Monkey” Slot Game Details

Created by great designers from the Austrian Novoline company, “Crazy Monkey” is a jolly jape in all the slot game machine family. If you want to have some great time and get a little bit of cash (or not a little – you have to try to see how lucky you are) – just let the crazy monkey help you spin the reels and amass a nice bankroll of cash and some bananas for the extra prize! Developers are always sticking to the topic when they are creating any slot game machine, and this very slot is not an exception from the rule, and you will see why. When you play “Crazy Monkey” online, you have to deal with lions, pineapples, bananas, snakes and butterflies, and you will get a monkey to help you with that, and bump your credit as much as possible. If you want a win, and not just play for free, you can bet from one to more than two hundred credits on the nine pay lines of the game, and its five reels.

Besides from animals and fruits that would definitely surround the main hero of the game – monkey, in her life, there is a traditional African mask that can be found on slot reels. This one represents the Wild Symbol that substitutes almost any symbol so that the winning combination can be formed on your pay line. Unfortunately it does not substitute the Top Symbol, which is Crazy Monkey, and the reason for that – this symbol pays out as much as 5000 for all five reels of the slot.

There is another thing you should remember when you start playing “Crazy Monkey” slot – this game is quite of a high tolerance, which means you don’t get the payouts so much often, but when they come, they are pretty substantial.

“Crazy Monkey” Tips and Tricks: How to Play?

As usually, before you start making those reels spin, you have to decide the amount of bet you want to place. Keep in mind that there are nine pay lines, and the more of them you activate, the higher rates you will get (to change your bet, you can simply use the “Bet Button”). You can bet from one to twenty five credits per line, which gives you 225 credits maximum for all nine pay lines. But in case you want to play “Crazy Monkey” for free, you shouldn’t worry about betting and credits – just enjoy the game and gamble as long as you want to, not as long as you can afford.

There are couple features you can use during the game. The Risk Game, activated by Double Button, gives you a chance to double your credits – to do that you will get four closed cards and one open. If you click on a closed card and it will be smaller than your open one, you credits will be multiplied by two. Three or more Crazy Monkey images will activate great bonus game you will surely enjoy.

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