Fairy Land 2 Free Slot

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Feel yourself in a fairy tale with the slot machine Fairy Land 2

Fairy Land 2 Free Slot

It is not a secret that many online casino players pay a lot of attention to the topics of video slots and base on this their choice of gambling entertainment. Apparently, this is the reason of the success of “Fairy Land 2″ slot game which will allow each visitor of the gambling establishment to plunge into his childhood. The whole point is that the reels of the video slot “Fairy Land 2″ from the company Igrosoft unfold the real fairy tale for you, the main symbol of which will be Princess Frog. Certainly, you remember that after the kiss of a prince she will turn into a beautiful girl. However, it’s not very easy to find a princess, so the frog will have to try hard to find her betrothed. However, you may be able to help her. However, let’s do everything in order.

Specific features of the slot “Fairy Land2″

Many gamblers who prefer to play in gaming clubs, pay attention to video slots. The game machine “Fairy Land 2″ or just Frogs 2 is popular for this reason. The success of the machine is that the fans are transferred to their childhood about which we always have the most light and warm memories and that you always want to come back for a second. Reels of this slot Frogs 2, which are released by Igrosoft, get you back in the fairy tale, the main symbol of which is the Princess Frog. Everyone remembers this wonderful and very good old fairy tale. According to the story, the frog is waiting for the prince, who should kiss her. A passionate kiss will turn a frog into a real beauty! But there is a small problem! In the tale, as well as in the life, it is not easy to wait for the prince, so you need to search for the desired and beloved prince. But you have all the opportunities to help Princess Frog in her adventures in the “Fairy Land 2″ slot.

Let’s look at this gaming machine in more details. It is natural that the selected fabulous theme of the slot machine Frogs 2 is reflected in the graphic design of the machine. Consider the fact that we play “Fairy Land 2″ online and this is an exciting game of chance, the symbols here will be a real variety. To see this large variety of symbols, try to play this slot, which is known as the gaming machine Frogs 2, online on our website free of charge and without registration.

Playing this gambling machine it is important to remember about the symbol of chameleon, which is the Wild symbol of this video slot. Chameleon is able to provide you with an interesting and exciting game, because with its help you can easily form a winning combination, and you will certainly like this.

Bonus rounds in the slot

Newcomers will be delighted by this addictive game. Of course, the greatest emotions and winnings will be given to you in a bonus game on the second screen of this fascinating machine. As soon as you collect a few symbols depicting the Princess Frog on the reels, the game will give you a fun and exciting adventure. A sea of ​​emotions and excitement is guaranteed! Before you a great habitual habitat of frogs – a swamp will be opened and you will need to go through it to win. Dangerous inmates are found in the swamp and they are willing to absorb you. Keep your frog on lily pad on the opposite bank relying only on luck and good fortune.

It should be noted that this test does not end the game, and it guarantees you a very exciting and long game in the gaming machine “Fairy Land 2″. The slot Frogs 2 can easily be attributed to the cult of classic machines. Now you have an exciting and unique opportunity to try your luck in the game “Frogs 2″. This feature is available for all who want to play free online. It should be noted that the maximum winning in this machine is 125 000 credits, which is quite a big prize!

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