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Feel Like Getting Some Gold? Do it with “Gnome” Slot Game!


Since the ancient times, as well as from myths and legends we all know about gnomes. These creatures not only live very deep under the ground, but also like gold very much, as well as all the other jewels, which they meet on the way. Not every slot machine you find online is so reach with the special features, and drawn as good. If you have decided to give the game a go, “Gnome” slot will take you to a fabulous and bizarre world filled with bright colors and amazing events. There are a lot of combinations in the “Gnome” slot that will directly affect the outcome of the journey. Each dwarf has his own character, but you can never blame any of these creatures of having no zeal and vanity.

“Gnome” Strategy: The General Information

Gnomes are known to be very frugal and dealing with gold with a great awe and respect. Working from dawn until late at night in the gold mines, they gradually replenish their stocks. And the gold the dwarves have constantly attracts not only almost all the other fairy tale characters, but also the online gamblers.

To become fabulously rich by seizing the dwarves’ treasures, it is not necessary to look for their underground dwellings in real life. Indeed, in the popular Russian virtual slot machine “Gnome”, created by the famous company Igrosoft, you will have an amazing opportunity to get some great winnings and to learn some hilarious tales about the dwarves theme. We guess there is no need in talking about the benefits of graphic and audio interface of the “Gnome” slot game. At the very first sight it becomes clear that the designers and developers have tried their best when creating this great slot. In fact, the slot called “Gnome” was known before the advent of online gaming, and being in a casino as a real slot machine, it used to attract great crowds. The virtual “Gnome” slot is devoid of all the possible disadvantages and has a huge range of innumerable virtues.

“Gnome” Tips and Tricks: Bets and Gameplay

The interface and the control of the gameplay in “Gnome” slot is pretty typical, as in most other software products created by Igrosoft. The main features are:

  • Nine pay lines and five gaming reels.
  • The maximum rate available is 225 credits. And the credit ratings range between 0.10 and 10.
  • The Wild symbol is, of course, the Dwarf himself. The Bonus symbol is a trolley full of gold. Three or more bonus symbols lead you to the bonus game.
  • The symbols on the reels are all related to the miner category: these are Lights, Helmets with Lamps, Anvils, Hammers, etc.

Playing the odds is standard: choose a card that would be “older” than the open one. In case of equality you can try to guess again and open another selected card. The correct choice will lead to victory in the risk game, and to multiplying the winnings. If you choose wrong – you lose the prize.

The bonus game is appreciated because of its elegant execution and returns. At the first stage, you have to guess the trucks loaded with jewels, and not with the mud, and on the second level, the challenge is very simple. There will be two chests in front of you, one of which having immense wealth inside, and the other has absolutely nothing. The chances for the win as you can see are 50 x 50, but the payoff is huge. The bonus game in general is one of the main advantages of the “Gnome” slot, and no matter how profitable it was, the gain you got in the main game is fully preserved.

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