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In a Mood for Some Romance? “Queen of Hearts” Is Waiting for You

queen of hearts slot free play

In fact, there is a true knight living deep in souls of each and every man in this world. And every knight is required at least once in their lives to fight with the destiny for the love and the heart of the beautiful queen. Great and majestic tournaments, the furious battles with wild and strong dragons, the court intrigues and secrets may be exciting and dangerous, yet in the modern world the list of tests for the noble knight is complemented by one more point – the exciting “Queen of Hearts” slot game from the Gaminator gaming company.

Great design of this slot game machine will not leave anyone of the players indifferent, no matter if they are professional players, or just casual ones looking for the way to spend free time. Nice pink hues, very tenderly depicted characters and gambling sound, “Queen of Hearts” make the best machine about love and those who are in love with each other!

Play “Queen of Hearts” Online: General Description and Details

The Gaminator company, one of the famous creators of the software platforms did their best when creating the “Queen of Hearts” slot machine, which is able to quench your thirst for the gambling and risk. Besides, having been in the Middle Ages, who would not want to win the love of the Queen of Hearts and present her with the winnings you have received playing “Queen of Hearts” for money?

Simple, but very romantic, five reels of the “Queen of Hearts” slot machine allows the modern knight seeking for love and some fortune to try luck on 9 different pay lines. At stake, you can bet up to 900 coins (up to 100 coins per line). Experienced players can vary their tactics, constantly changing the number of active lines and taking the most advantage of the denomination of coins in the slot.

By signing up to an online casino to win royal heart, you can use real money for placing the bets and gambling your stakes hoping for the jackpot. Without registration the trial mode is available, which will allow you to play “Queen of Hearts” slot machine from Gaminator for free.

“Queen of Hearts” Strategy: Additional Information

If talking about the gameplay of the game, “Queen of Hearts” has multiple add-ons that make the gameplay much more interesting. Thus, Wild symbol in the “Queen of Hearts” is flaming heart. Symbol of love is capable of eliminating the shortage of any other symbols in the “Queen of Hearts” (except the queen) and assist in the drafting of bonus combinations.

The Scatter symbol in the slot machine “Queen of Hearts” is the queen herself. Multiple queens on the screen (on any reels) are able to increase the player’s bet up to 400 times. At least three queens are required to start the Free spins the reels. The more queens you will have on the screen, the more free spins you will get (three queens – 8 spins, four – 15 spins, five queens – 20).

As always, there is the risky game available for the player, where anyone can increase their gain by 2 times, just by guessing the color of the closed card (you can guess a few times in a row).

Slot machine “Queen of Hearts” has 38 winning combinations. Maximum prizes (up to 10,000 coins) are provided for the combination with the Queen of Hearts. For the yellow flower you can get up to 3000 coins. For rings, crowns and castles you get up to 500 coins; for ratings tarot cards – up to 250 coins.

In the “Queen of Hearts” duration of the bonus game depends on the number of scatters.

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