Sharky Free Slot

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The generosity of virtual pirates in “Sharky” slot

Sharky Free Slot

Every child have a dream to become somebody when he is a child. Some children want to be astronauts and surf the endless expanses of space, while others are willing to play slot machines for free, some kids want to save people or to enforce the law, but the vast majority of boys want to become ruthless pirates on the ships that sail in the oceans in search of gold and jewels. As the times go by, the dreams gradually overshadow by daily realities that are far away from science fiction and adventure. However, there is an unusual gaming machine “Sharky” on the Internet, created by Novomatic. This example of the gambling world offers to remember the old fantasies and bring them to life! This game offers a fun adventure, a little bit dangerous, a little bit funny, but very attractive. The simulator has everything you need to present gamers and even more.

Five reels and nine paylines of the “Sharky” slot game transfer the participants on a huge virtual ship. Despite the fact that the ship, the pirates and weapons here are drawn by the artists from the company Novomatic, the prizes and awards in this extraordinary place are real and achievable. To put it simply, the non-existent ship offers to go to a fake trip and get there real money, and quite a lot of it! Isn’t it just another reason to get acquainted with the symbols of the machine and its features?

Super bonus slot in “Sharky”

To get to the special round of the slot, as well as in the slot machine “Reel King”, the game participants must create a special combination. On the first and the fifth reel they should have the figure of a pirate ship and an uninhabited island after the rotation. This combination-key opens 10 free spins, during the use of which you may penetrate into the bonus round. If you are lucky enough to see a pirate ship on the first reel again, the game will take you to the next bonus stage where there will be a boat with a pirate and several chests of gold.

Free Spins and Doubling game

If you make the right choice when you play “Sharky” online, you suddenly receive an incredibly big prize, but if you are unlucky, you will get just a modest premium. As an additional opportunity, the same as in the slot “Slot Win Wizard”, there is a possibility to try doubling game called «Double». After each win, even the smallest and insignificant, it is possible to multiply the resulting amount if you risk in a simple card game where the chances of winning are 50%.

“Sharky” slot has a hot temper and will appeal to a gambling person ready to move forward inexorably up to the jackpot despite the difficulties and short-term losses. Welcome aboard!

The differences of the virtual vessel “Sharky”

The name “Sharky” is given to the machine with some sense. Despite the well-known due to the slot “Wonderful Flute” design, the emulator is distinguished by an unusual character and atmosphere, which is partly formed thanks to special prizes, special bets and amazingly generous bonus game. Unlike other slots of the same kind, “Sharky” is like hot, unrestrained and reckless pirate who is ready to risk in any moment of his life and lose all his fortune. This slot is an obvious predator, and it easy “eats” every insecure guest with periodic series of defeats. But if a persistent lucky player start playing this slot machine and the slot can do nothing as the special symbols of the ship and the island can provide lucky guests with a huge series of free spins, the number of which can easily reach 300. It is hardly possible that any other slot would dare to provide its guests with such a powerful advantage!

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