Sizzling Hot Deluxe Free Slot

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Get Crazier and Richer with “Sizzling Hot Deluxe” Slot Game

Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Today, there is a great competition between the online slot game machines developers, as long as they have to attract more and more players, and do this better than the other companies. That is why professional game designers and developers are terribly busy creating and producing more and more original ideas and scenarios that can inspire them to create another slot machine. That is the reason why today, when searching online for the slot game machines you can find hundreds of them from all over the world, and the topics of them are so different. You can find a great number of the machines based on the popular books and comic books, movies and TV series.

Yet, there is always something nice and charming about online slot game machines that are designed similarly to those you most likely would see in Las Vegas casinos and hotel lobbies. That is why the Novomatics slots design company tried to make a look at the classic casino slot. And playing “Sizzling Hot Deluxe” online you will feel like you are present there without having to actually leave your cozy home and couch.

“Sizzling Hot Deluxe” Slot Information

You know, they wouldn’t call the game “Sizzling Hot” just for nothing – there is always a reason for the season. The reels of the game (there are actually five of them in “Sizzling Hot Deluxe”) spin at impressive speed, and you always hear a classic tune that accompanies each spin. And when you manage to get matching symbols at your active pay line (there are as well five of them), the symbols are doing what they are supposed to do – accompanied by the jingling sounds of the coins falling down, they actually catch fire and make your cash haul bigger.

The “Sizzling Hot Deluxe” slot is pretty much game machine you would call a fruit one, as long as the main symbols are plum, cherries, watermelon, lemon, orange and grapes. As an addition, you will also see Lucky Seven among them. And even though the game has no specific soundtrack, the sounds and jingles accompanying all your moves is so bright and emotional that it compensates the absence of the soundtrack. Add here the excellent graphics and speed, and you will get a great modern slot machine.

“Sizzling Hot Deluxe” Strategy: How to Play?

First of all, you should remember that fruits are not always the symbols you should be hunting for – the biggest pay out in this game can be gained from the only number you see on the reels, which is Seven. It will pay out a staggering 250 credits, which is pretty well for the game having only five pay lines. There is also a Scatter Symbol in the game, and it looks like a Star, and it substitutes all the symbols except for the Lucky Seven. You shouldn’t expect triggering the bonus features of the game, as long as there are none of them, but together with the Scatter symbol you will get guaranteed pay outs even if the combinations are formed away from your active pay line.

Yet, once you hit the winning combination you will have an opportunity to double your winnings. To do that you will be directed to a separate screen where you can bet on black or red from the deck of cards. In order to help you choose between black and red, you will be shown the previous six cards that were dealt, so that you can see the streak and make the right choice. Whenever you do so, you will double your money once again. After you make mistake, you get back to main screen.

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