The Ming Dynasty Free Slot

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Get Back in Time with “Ming Dynasty” Slot Game

The Ming Dynasty play free

Since the early days of our childhood, everyone has read the stories about the emperors and warriors, dreaming that one day we would be just like them; dreaming about having the power to fight our enemies and rule over great and wealthy countries. And even if you did not have such ambitions, you were most likely charmed by such stories.

Being an Eastern country that used to be quite discreet for a long time, and thus always intrigued Europeans, China is still the country of wonders and various opportunities. And its history is as charming as old legends and stories. For example the period of time when Ming Dynasty was ruling over the country – that happened right after China was freed from the Mongol yoke, and the Dynasty in fact ruled for some centuries.

“Ming Dynasty” Tips and Tricks: the Gameplay and Symbols

Among a variety of different slots there are samples devoted to the historic theme. The slot machine “Ming Dynasty” is just one of those slots, where the general look of the game machine and the prize symbols represent story about the reign of the Chinese Ming Dynasty.

“Ming Dynasty” slot machine contains five reels with nine already plotted pay lines. At each selected line (and you can choose the number from 1 to 9 – any odd number), you can easily put up to 100 credits (and the minimum bet is 1 credit per line). If you do not want to risk too much, you can simply start playing at minimal bet level, but keep in mind that in case you win, it would not be too high.

The main prize symbol of the slot is a Brave Knight, who by his appearance on the active prize line will increase the rate of the player in 9000 at once. At the same time it is the Wild symbol – it is able to completely replace any other symbol (except the Scatter symbol).

The Stone Dragon and Princess are the second most important images of the “Ming Dynasty” slot. If the whole bonus line the selected by the player will be filled with these pictures, the rate will be increased in 750 times. Amulet and antique Chinese vase are highly esteemed by regular players – they will bring the increase of the initial rates up to 400 and 250 times, respectively, for the full prize line. Do not think that you only get paid for the whole line of 5 images – the prize, though much smaller, is given for 3 and sometimes 2 overlap.

Card characters will bring a small but very pleasant (especially at high rate) increase – the maximum size of 125 times.

“Ming Dynasty” Strategy: the Bonus Games

The emergence of 3 or more images of the Dragon starts a generous distribution of prizes and 15 absolutely free bonus spins for the player. The player also immediately gets a certain amount on his credit balance (depending on the rate and amount of the Dragons on the reels). Moreover, as a result of 15 spins all winnings are automatically increased by the x3 in comparison to the pay table of the main game.

Absolutely any amount won in the Ming Dynasty slot can be doubled. The risk game is simple – you need to guess the color of a card dealer is playing, whether it is red or black. If you’re lucky, the win will be doubled, the error means the transfer of the prize to the casino. You can keep increasing the prize for infinitely long time, but you should remember that any mistake will lead to the loss, and the larger sum you have, the more unpleasant it would be.

Play “Ming Dynasty” for free – enjoy the atmosphere and practice before the real money play.

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