The Ming Dynasty Free Slot

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Get Back in Time with “Ming Dynasty” Slot Game

The Ming Dynasty play free

Since the early days of our childhood, everyone has read the stories about the emperors and warriors, dreaming that one day we would be just like them; dreaming about having the power to fight our enemies and rule over great and wealthy countries. And even if you did not have such ambitions, you were most likely charmed by such stories.

Being an Eastern country that used to be quite discreet for a long time, and thus always intrigued Europeans, China is still the country of wonders and various opportunities. And its history is as charming as old legends and stories. For example the period of time when Ming Dynasty was ruling over the country – that happened right after China was freed from the Mongol yoke, and the Dynasty in fact ruled for some centuries.

“Ming Dynasty” Tips and Tricks: the Gameplay and Symbols

Among a variety of different slots there are samples devoted to the historic theme. The slot machine “Ming Dynasty” is just one of those slots, where the general look of the game machine and the prize symbols represent story about the reign of the Chinese Ming Dynasty.

“Ming Dynasty” slot machine contains five reels with nine already plotted pay lines. At each selected line (and you can choose the number from 1 to 9 – any odd number), you can easily put up to 100 credits (and the minimum bet is 1 credit per line). If you do not want to risk too much, you can simply start playing at minimal bet level, but keep in mind that in case you win, it would not be too high.

The main prize symbol of the slot is a Brave Knight, who by his appearance on the active prize line will increase the rate of the player in 9000 at once. At the same time it is the Wild symbol – it is able to completely replace any other symbol (except the Scatter symbol).

The Stone Dragon and Princess are the second most important images of the “Ming Dynasty” slot. If the whole bonus line the selected by the player will be filled with these pictures, the rate will be increased in 750 times. Amulet and antique Chinese vase are highly esteemed by regular players – they will bring the increase of the initial rates up to 400 and 250 times, respectively, for the full prize line. Do not think that you only get paid for the whole line of 5 images – the prize, though much smaller, is given for 3 and sometimes 2 overlap.

Card characters will bring a small but very pleasant (especially at high rate) increase – the maximum size of 125 times.

“Ming Dynasty” Strategy: the Bonus Games

The emergence of 3 or more images of the Dragon starts a generous distribution of prizes and 15 absolutely free bonus spins for the player. The player also immediately gets a certain amount on his credit balance (depending on the rate and amount of the Dragons on the reels). Moreover, as a result of 15 spins all winnings are automatically increased by the x3 in comparison to the pay table of the main game.

Absolutely any amount won in the Ming Dynasty slot can be doubled. The risk game is simple – you need to guess the color of a card dealer is playing, whether it is red or black. If you’re lucky, the win will be doubled, the error means the transfer of the prize to the casino. You can keep increasing the prize for infinitely long time, but you should remember that any mistake will lead to the loss, and the larger sum you have, the more unpleasant it would be.

Play “Ming Dynasty” for free – enjoy the atmosphere and practice before the real money play.

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Ramses II Free Slot

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Ramses II is the most profitable expedition to Egypt

Ramses II Free Slot

The lovers of exotic decorated in the style of ancient Egypt will love the gaming machine «Ramses II», which is offered by the company Novomatic Gaminator. You can not only enjoy the atmosphere of the life of the ancient Egyptians, but also try to find the hidden treasure. And, of course, a set of game symbols includes a Wild symbol in the form of a portrait of the pharaoh Ramses II. Among other things available, it is able to increase the probability of winning at least in twice. In addition, the best winning combinations of symbols are 5 pyramids of Cheops (multiplier factor is 250 times) and the corresponding number of symbols of the god Anubis (multiplier is 750 times). In addition, we should pay attention to the symbol of Scarab. It gives the player the right to the bonus game where one spin of the wheel multiplies the winning in three times. The players who lured the treasures of Ancient Egypt can also try their luck at online slot “Pharaoh’s Gold 3″, which will not disregard any of the lucky ones.

The description of the oldest machine

Technically, «Ramses II» slot game is very similar to the slot “Secret Forest” also manufactured by Novomatic, but this is the only similarity between Ramses and other representatives of the gambling world. The device is a unique structure with a personal atmosphere and theme. Unusual symbols, unique features and well thought-out system of players’ rewards are responsible for the popularity of this video slot, which can now be found in almost every online casino. However, the emulator stands out not only due to its design, but also due to its bonus symbols and features. The Wild symbol, for example, is able to replace missing symbols in the winning combinations. This quality makes it one of the most popular symbols of the slot, as virtually its every appearance promises winning to the participants. The second bonus symbol, Scatter symbol, enables the special game, as well as it can join the combinations with different, even deactivated lines on the playing field.

Despite the fact that “Ramses II” slot does not have any special bonus round game, the emulator is not inferior in the size of payout even with such slot machine as “Book of Ra”. The secret of its success lies in a special bonus which is activated immediately after the appearance of the three or more scatter symbols. Fifteen free reel spins accrue to the participants and, because of them, they have three-fold multiplication, which always bring high cash prizes to the lucky participants.

Easy and risk game

In this case real winnings are waiting for the players, as the creators of the video slot provided them with a lot of different bonuses that increase the chances of successful combinations. However, even at this «Ramses II» opportunities do not end here. After each win every participant can look into a special section «Gamble», where there is a risk game that has a high chance to multiply the resulting wins in a few times!

The features of the video slot of «Ramses II»

This gaming machine can boast with a user-friendly interface, simple rules of the game and a variety of bonus games that will give you a great chance to win. The gaming machine has five reels and nine paylines. Before you play “Ramses II” online, you need to determine the number of active lines and bet amount. This video slot machine stands out thanks to the generous payout ratio! The majestic Sphinx can increase your bet in 250 times, the symbol “camel” in 400 times, “Deity Anubis” or “Falcon” will increase your bet in 750 times, and the mighty “Ramses” in 9000 times! The symbol depicting “Ramses” is Wild symbol, it will help you to master the treasures of ancient Egypt replacing the other symbols. The Scatter symbol is the “Scarab”, which may increase the amount of credits to 40 000! And more than that, this wonderful symbol will give you more free spins of the reels.

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Panther Moon Free Slot

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Imagine yourself a mighty panther and hunt for the money prize in the slot Panther Moon

Panther Moon Free Slot

Colorful spectacular graphics, five reels, nine paylines and a chance to play a bonus game – all this, plus the chance to break the jackpot is offered by «Panther Moon» slot game. The principle of operation of the machine is simple and does not differ from the other slots. So as to make a bet, you can use the button Bet One and a maximum number of credits can reach one hundred per line. When you select the paylines, you need to activate the bet using the button Line. If you are the player who loves the risk and big winnings, then assign the maximum bet on the line with a single button Bet Max. The number of affected lines and the bet size are indicated in the lower right corner of the screen, and below them there is the total amount of credits. The button Start is used to start playing the reels, as well as for the transfer of credits won to the player’s account. There is a winning combination where one line has at least two similar symbols from left to right. For ease of playing “Panther Moon” each winning combination is highlighted, and the total win is displayed in the lower box to the left.

The details of the game slot

Each winning can be increased at least in twice. To do this, take up the challenge and play a double game utilizing the button Bet. The screen displays two cards, and the player must guess the color of the card’s suit. In the case of success, the win is doubled; in the case of failure, everything burns without residue.

Scatter symbol with a picture of the moon helps to creating winning combinations. If you have two or more symbols, then, as in the machine “The Magic Flute”, you are guaranteed a win. If the minimum number of dropped symbols “Moon” is three, it will automatically start the bonus game with free spins. The player is given fifteen free spins, and if in a result the winning combinations are formed, their sum is multiplied by three. And if three Scatter symbols appear again, the next cycle of the bonus fifteen spins start.

The main symbol of the slot «Panther Moon» is Panther, which can replace any other symbol in the active line except the scatter symbol. Five symbols with the image of a panther in the payline give a jackpot multiplying the player’s bet on this line in nine thousand times.

Game slot «Panther Moon» gives you an opportunity to feel like a predator stalking in the ghostly moonlight in search of prey. This skilled hunter waits for a victory as a solid addition to the capital. Go for it!

Play “Panther Moon” online to enjoy this exciting five-reel slot with colorful animated symbols. While playing online the slot «Panther Moon», the players involuntarily have a special mood. This stems from the great-drawn images of flora and fauna of the mysterious forest at night. The real possibility of a large payoff adds thrills and makes the game more interesting.

Main characteristics of the slot

The online slot «Panther Moon» can be played in two modes – with the money and contingencies chips. Free game does not bring profit, but you can start it immediately, without any formalities of the registration, creating a cash account and depositing. In this case, the players are guaranteed lots of fun, and the experience gained in the game of slot machine «Panther Moon» for free, will be sure to come in handy later.

The machine is simple and straightforward to operate. Use Line button to set the number of lines to play (1, 3, 5, 7, 9).

Pressing the Bet button, the player chooses the bet – from 1 to 50 chips for each of the active paylines. Do not press the button repeatedly, the maximum bet can be set only by pressing the Bet Max button.

The button Start / Skip / Take Win is multifunctional. Depending on the situation, it can help run the reels, as well as written on the account of the player the winning in normal and accelerated (Skip) mode.

There is a function to startup the reels automatically, the button Automatic Start.

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Columbus Deluxe Free Slot

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Explore New Lands and Gain Treasures with “Columbus Deluxe” Slot Game

Columbus Deluxe Free Slot

When you were a child, did you ever dreamed about traveling to distant lands, discovering new uncharted lands and slot machines to play for free? If so, then the slot machine “Columbus Deluxe” powered by Novomatic Gaminator will surely please you. After all, here the player will have to go on long journey accompanied by Christopher Columbus, who had given this slot his very name.

And once again, Austrian developers of slot game machines managed to please the fans of interesting and quality slots by releasing the second version of the “Columbus” slot machine that was popular worldwide. The updated graphics and the improved design of the slot will please the eye, but that is not only thing that was changed. The changes were made to the rules of the slot as well: Christopher Columbus is playing a greater role in “Columbus Deluxe” slot game than he used to in the previous version of the slot game.

Play “Columbus Deluxe” Online: Rules and Terms

The terms in the “Columbus Deluxe” are the same as in the classical version. It has the same symbols as his famous predecessor. The display of the slot will show you some playing cards. You will get the payout of the winning amount after the appearance of three identical playing cards in one line on the screen.

Neither explorer ever goes to sea without a sextant – the specific navigation device for mariners. If the image of this symbol appears on the display of the slot machine in an amount of five, the original bet you have placed will be increased once in 250 times. And the Necklace Symbol can improve the financial position of the player by 500 bets. Lovely Spanish Queen will bring the increase of your bet up to 1000 times. Five images of the main character of this updated slot game – traveler Christopher Columbus, are going to increase the winning prize at the maximum bet level up to 5,000 times.

Risk game is stored in the slot machine Columbus Deluxe as well as in its classical version. Each player has the opportunity to double their capital, having guessed the color of a playing card that is hidden from the player. Free Spins option in an amount of 10 spins can be won if you manage to hit at least three symbols that have the image of the ship on them.

“Columbus Deluxe” Strategy: Bonuses

Many people like to traveling through the seas and oceans in the team of famous explorer Christopher Columbus, but it is much more interesting to get a real benefit from the trip! The developers of “Columbus Deluxe” have provided a number of tools and features that help to get big cash prizes in the process of entertainment. In addition to the standard Autoplay, you will find Doubling game and Free Spins. The latter, by the way, is triggered after you get 3 or more scatter symbols, which is represented by the image of the ship. Using these capabilities at the right time, every participant has a chance to get a nice amount of money!

 Many modern machines offer visitors a bonus game with special features and functions, but not every player thinks that slot intentionally directs the participants into a new and unfamiliar space, where winning can be very difficult. Apparatus Columbus Deluxe operates differently. Providing guests with bonus rotation directly on the playing field, the slot don’t confuse players to specific characters and unfamiliar design.

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Banana Splash Free Slot

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Go Tropic and Win Great Prizes with “Banana Splash” Slot Game


Of course, in reality there is no fruit that can water skiing or use other similar mean of transport. But all slot machines are created to relax you and help you get away from it all, so absolutely everything there is possible and permissible, and the “Banana Splash” slot machine best proof. Here at “Banana Splash” funny fruits are going on a vacation and start to dance, skate and have fun, improving the mood of the player. You can get a real fruit disco and have a great fun in the hot dances together with bananas, strawberries and other fruits!

If you decide to visit an online casino to play some slots, but you do not have enough experience yet and are afraid to take risks, you should first play for free without registration. Today, all reputable and respected online casinos offer their customers to play for free without registration. This is a great option for those who are afraid or do not want to play for cash. And when everything will be clear and simple, and want to take the risk, you can start playing for money. It’s much more interesting and will provide a real adrenaline rush and positive.

“Banana Splash” Tips and Tricks: Game Features

“Banana Splash” online slot game machine is one of the most colorful and vibrant machines that turn gambling game into a real adventure. This machine has everything that may be necessary for this exciting game – some special characters that make the game more profitable, and the risk-game, which will increase the gain you have got from the traditional reels spin, and in addition there are some bonuses and huge jackpot waiting for you. If you are ready to plunge into the world of magic and joyful game full of adventure, the Banana Blast is exactly what you need.

Playing “Banana Splash” at online casinos is very simple. The slot machine has the traditional five reels, except here the symbols look like funny and fabulous fruits such as Coconut, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry and Watermelon. There are also nine pay lines you can choose among, or just pick all of them for higher odds of getting winning combinations.

Card symbols will bring you a minimum income. Five symbols of Coconut or Mango will bring you good luck in the form of increasing the reward up to 250 times. The combination of the five Pineapples provokes the growth of the rates up to 400 times. The appearance of the five Strawberries or Watermelon will increase your scoring up to 750 times. The most generous in the “Banana Splash” slot is the symbol of a Banana, the main character of a tropical island. He is Wild. If you see five Banana symbols on the screen of the gaming slot, consider yourself incredibly lucky, because you will become richer in 9000 times.

“Banana Splash” Strategy: Bonus Game

After each turn, the player will be offered a chance to increase the prize twice, allowing even the smallest victory to turn into a huge prize. Thus, after winning at the reels, you will have to guess the color of the card that is about to be chosen from the deck. In addition, the bonus game here makes it possible to actually win. If the machine will drop three Scatter which (which looks like tropical island), the player will receive the free spins that will bring you the prize, multiplied by three. “Banana Splash” slot in online casinos will allow everyone to have fun and get a solid win if luck is on the side of the player.

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Attila Free Slot

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Stand at the Head of Barbarian Army with “Attila” Slot Game


Why wouldn’t you try to combine business and pleasure and have some really good time? What do we mean and how can you do that? Well, it is simple. If you are a fan of online slot games (which is most likely so if you are on this website reading the articles about slots), and you want to spend some good time without having to leave your cozy home and couch, there is a great way for you to do that.

Who haven’t heard about the great and severe warrior that during ancient times used to lead the tribe of the Huns and was able to conquer the whole Roman Empire? Of course, it’s Attila. And if you think that going to the battle with him is something on the verge of fantasy, you are wrong.

Do you want to get back in time to the era of barbarians conquering great empires and feel like a leader of the army? Play “Attila” for free or for money and plunge into the ancient history!

“Attila” Slot Game: the General Description and Layout

There is pretty much nothing complicated about managing the “Attila” slot. Novomatic company has created a classic slot with 9 lines and 5 reels, which is still different from many others because of the thrilling story and thematic symbols. Do you want to win the maximum amount? Then it is necessary to stake the maximum rate, which is equal to 50 credits. Activating all 9 lines is also worth it, as in such way the probability of hitting the winning combination will increase a lot.

If you want to play “Attila” for money or for free, you can use a variety of wagering lines. Those who do not want to risk, can make a bet just one cent. And those for whom the excitement is in the first place, all the lines are set at 100 credits, and then, if the rotation is successful, you will get a nice tidy sum to your account. To set the maximum amount of bets on all lines you just have to a click «Bet Max» button and watch the reels spinning.

For those who do not want to continuously push the “Start” button to make the reels spin, there is a function of the game startup. To make a use of it, you should simply click on the «Autostart» button. When it is pressed again, the spinning of the reels will be stopped.

You should definitely look into the payout table before you start playing for free without registration at Attila. It will at once become clear that all the characters of the “Attila” slot machine are going to remind the players of the game about the great battles of the famous warrior. And of course, from the payout table you will learn how much money you can get to your account for this or that combination of symbols.

“Attila” Strategy: Bonus Games and Special Symbols

Noble warriors of Attila’s army will bring you up to 750 coins, daytime arrows – 400 coins, night arrows and a cabin near the river – 250 coins. The card symbols will help you get a little break from the war and provide you with 2 to 125 coins. But “Attila” slot machine is also interesting because of bonuses and special features.

The commander Attila himself is a special Wild symbol that can play the role and take the place of any other symbol to complete the bonus line. And yes, it has the highest multiplication factor. He will bring you 9000 coins if it will appear five times on the reels. Another special character is a Scatter. It represents the image of soldiers celebrating victory at sunset. If three Scatters land on the reels, it will start the bonus round – 15 free spins.

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Ultra Hot Deluxe Free Slot

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Play the favorite classics – the slot machine Ultra Hot Deluxe

Ultra Hot Deluxe

We offer you the gaming machine Ultra Hot Deluxe which is characterized by easy operation, hot topics and major prizes. The slot machines allow you to play for free and get lots of positive and great prizes! “Ultra Hot Deluxe “ is a three-drum slot with a standard exterior design, which is the perfect excuse to relax for many users who prefer quality, comfort and high profits.

Classics never go out of fashion and it does not lose its relevance. Rare things can be in the automotive industry, in works of art or in any other field. “Ultra Hot Deluxe” slot game produced by Novomatic is a representative of the rare status. Classical models of the slots cleverly relocated to the virtual space, where today they are still popular. This machine is based on the spinning of the three reels and putting bets on five paylines. Good old “Ultra Hot Deluxe” slot owes its popularity to an unusually high percentage of payments and good bonus offers. Many modern analogues may promise mountains of gold to the users, but not this slot. Its promises are quite modest, but the reality is a much more attractive. Humility and generosity – these are the main features of this simulator. Many talented gamblers with years of experience have long realized that it is much more profitable to take several jackpots in a classic video machine, then to rush into the breach with a thirst to derail a multimillion-dollar prize promised by the latest complex slots.

The peculiarities of the machine “Ultra Hot Deluxe”

All modern machines are continuously increasing the number of reels and paylines that to everyone’s surprise does not affect the popularity of the classics, which continues to enrich users of online casinos. People who choose to play “Ultra Hot Deluxe” online, prefer not to focus on earning a large amount at a time, they choose experiments and a variety of sensations. One source of these feelings is the subject of today’s discussion. The uniqueness of this emulator did not allow the developers of the company Novomatic Gaminator to change the structure of the program, as many users appreciate it. Many new slot machines overtook “Ultra Hot Deluxe” for quality graphics long ago, but this does not confirm their objective superiority over it.

Bonuses in the slot “Ultra Hot Deluxe”

The game of such status does not require the bonus round, as it is mainly inheritance of new devices. Even the addition of the prize options could not increase the already generous rewards. Exactly the same policy followed the creators of the slot machine “Pharaon’s Gold 2″, where simple symbols are quietly spread on the reels and form profitable combinations. Despite this simplicity, the multiplication factor is up to 750, which can inspire real optimism.

In the simulator you will meet not only the colorful graphics, but see the pleasant technical features, which, when used properly, can cause high cash withdrawals (including high bets) in the slot. Every successful combination has the same value as all the others and it is 500 units. The only addition to the standard features is the possibility to use Autoplay, which means to program the machine for a certain number of spins without stopping. Without any efforts the user is watching the emergence of new series of images that result in an increase of the bank. Quench your gambling appetite and feel an adrenaline surge. Complete rest, comfortable discharge, good mood and high cash profits are waiting for you. Good luck and lots of luck!

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Sizzling Hot Deluxe Free Slot

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Get Crazier and Richer with “Sizzling Hot Deluxe” Slot Game

Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Today, there is a great competition between the online slot game machines developers, as long as they have to attract more and more players, and do this better than the other companies. That is why professional game designers and developers are terribly busy creating and producing more and more original ideas and scenarios that can inspire them to create another slot machine. That is the reason why today, when searching online for the slot game machines you can find hundreds of them from all over the world, and the topics of them are so different. You can find a great number of the machines based on the popular books and comic books, movies and TV series.

Yet, there is always something nice and charming about online slot game machines that are designed similarly to those you most likely would see in Las Vegas casinos and hotel lobbies. That is why the Novomatics slots design company tried to make a look at the classic casino slot. And playing “Sizzling Hot Deluxe” online you will feel like you are present there without having to actually leave your cozy home and couch.

“Sizzling Hot Deluxe” Slot Information

You know, they wouldn’t call the game “Sizzling Hot” just for nothing – there is always a reason for the season. The reels of the game (there are actually five of them in “Sizzling Hot Deluxe”) spin at impressive speed, and you always hear a classic tune that accompanies each spin. And when you manage to get matching symbols at your active pay line (there are as well five of them), the symbols are doing what they are supposed to do – accompanied by the jingling sounds of the coins falling down, they actually catch fire and make your cash haul bigger.

The “Sizzling Hot Deluxe” slot is pretty much game machine you would call a fruit one, as long as the main symbols are plum, cherries, watermelon, lemon, orange and grapes. As an addition, you will also see Lucky Seven among them. And even though the game has no specific soundtrack, the sounds and jingles accompanying all your moves is so bright and emotional that it compensates the absence of the soundtrack. Add here the excellent graphics and speed, and you will get a great modern slot machine.

“Sizzling Hot Deluxe” Strategy: How to Play?

First of all, you should remember that fruits are not always the symbols you should be hunting for – the biggest pay out in this game can be gained from the only number you see on the reels, which is Seven. It will pay out a staggering 250 credits, which is pretty well for the game having only five pay lines. There is also a Scatter Symbol in the game, and it looks like a Star, and it substitutes all the symbols except for the Lucky Seven. You shouldn’t expect triggering the bonus features of the game, as long as there are none of them, but together with the Scatter symbol you will get guaranteed pay outs even if the combinations are formed away from your active pay line.

Yet, once you hit the winning combination you will have an opportunity to double your winnings. To do that you will be directed to a separate screen where you can bet on black or red from the deck of cards. In order to help you choose between black and red, you will be shown the previous six cards that were dealt, so that you can see the streak and make the right choice. Whenever you do so, you will double your money once again. After you make mistake, you get back to main screen.

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Secret Forest Free Slot

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Get Charmed and Rich with “Secret Forest” Slot Game

Secret Forest

In their childhood everyone has heard the tales about a magical forest, which is inhabited by unusual creatures, and where strange events may happen any time and with any visitor coming there. But nobody ever believed in the possibility that such a place can really exist, but in fact it is quite real. It was proved to players from all around the world by the Novomatic company, as long as they have created a “Secret Forest” slot machine. Starting the game, the participants enter an unusual space, inhabited by unicorns and talking trees. On the five reels and nine pay lines available in the “Secret Forest” slot the winning symbols has housed, and keep in mind that each of them is able to improve the financial position of the player. It is worth noting the presence of a great feature of the risk game that allows you to multiply the received prize several times. Of the special attention are some specific characters you can see in the game. The incredibly generous gifts can be found in the video slot “Secret Forest” everywhere, as the welcoming magical forest is pleased to greet each of its guests. Thanks to Secret Forest video slots, your fairytale journey can begin right now!

“Secret Forest” Slot Game: The General Information

Despite the fact that, because of the uniqueness and originality, “Secret Forest” slot machine cannot be confused with another representative of the gambling world, the developers had decided to add some special features and functions to the game, which help winning big cash prizes. As in many other slot game machines, here you will find the Wild symbol, which is performed by the image of the charming young girl. This beauty cannot only replace the symbols not fitting in the reels, so that you can complete the winning combination, but also multiplies all prizes received for its participation twice. Besides all this, the Beautiful Lady is the most valuable symbol of the slot machine and is fully responsible for the jackpot. The second great feature is the image of the slot is the Shining Forest. This magic picture does not only get the participants to the bonus game level, but is also collected from any line of the machine. If you get the combination of five of these characters on your reels, you will receive the multiplication of your winning for up to five hundred times.

“Secret Forest” Tips and Tricks: The Gameplay 

Besides all the technical advantages, the creators of the slot were not stingy about the special round, which is practically impossible to get out from without a solid reward. We are talking about fifteen free spins, which start immediately after the appearance of three or more Scatter symbols on the five reels of the slot. Of the special attention are some specific characters. For example, the Fairy can do some wonderful things – thus, her presence on the reels multiplies the amount of the winning up to x9000.

However, the duration of the bonus round is determined not only by the slot, but by the fate of participants, because in case three scatters will reappear on the screen during the fifteen free spins, the slot machine will instantly add the remaining rotations to another fifteen. You should also know that the game is automatically and without asking the players multiplies each winning up to three times. This slot can afford such liberty, because transforms the prize in such a nice way.

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Marco Polo Free Slot

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Explore New Worlds and Treasures – Play “Marco Polo” Online

Marco Polo

For centuries people were charmed by travelling and exploring new places and things, having new feelings and experience. For that reason, the stories about famous travelers and great adventures were always popular among people of different ages and social groups. And to support that interest, designers and developers of Novomatic Group have created a nice slot for you. The “Marco Polo” slot game continues the fine line of slot games based on various different historical characters. Making a visit and traveling to different distant places without having to leave your home, or experience the feelings of a pioneer in new lands – now everyone can have such experience. The creators of this game and have not forgotten about Columbus describing his exploits in slot gaming machine called “Columbus”. But we are going to focus on the “Marco Polo” slot right now.

“Marco Polo” Slot Game Description

Everyone knows Columbus and his achievement, but what about Marco Polo? Despite the greater glory of Columbus, Marco Polo has also proven himself as one of the most successful among all the pioneers. Play “Marco Polo” for free and you will relive the history of the great discoverer and experience the same happiness, receiving the biggest reward for your patience and faith. And are you ready to make the new discovery in your life? “Marco Polo” slot machine will help you if you want to change your life drastically and dramatically, adding a great discovery into your everyday life. Go through all the obstacles and go boldly to meet your dream! Wise Marco Polo will reward you for your effort and your time in full!

The Asian atmosphere in the “Marco Polo” was chosen for the main design of the slot, and we should say it was a great choice. With funny locals, weary and tired camels, and beautiful and calligraphic card symbols depicted on the reels of the game, you will surely feel like you are exploring East. With each and every action you will get a forward motion. The main thing you should remember is that you shouldn’t stop until you reach your goal!

“Marco Polo” Strategy: The Gameplay

What is difficult in playing “Marco Polo” machine online? Absolutely nothing! Classic 5 reels rotate fast, and when they stop, you have to determine your gain on the nine pay lines. Of course, everything happens automatically. To change the number of lines, use the button «Line» with the corresponding figures. Well, to raise the bet or make it lower, press the «Bet» button until you get to the desired result. The most risky and desperate players can immediately hit the «Max Bet» button – this will place the maximum possible bet for the machine, which is 900 credits. Are you ready to take a trip to the East, along with the “Marco Polo” slot? Click the button «Start»!

The main role in the slot is played by Marco Polo himself. The legendary traveler on the maximum rate can give you even half a million of credits, plus he is also the Wild Symbol that will easily substitute other characters, making the combinations even more profitable for you. The only thing this symbol cannot replace is Camel Symbol.

The Camel is also a Scatter Symbol, and a bonus one. If you get three or more of them on the reels, the Free Spin feature will be triggered, and you will get ten free spins, where another camel will help you, as here it will serve as a Wild Symbol.

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Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe Free Slot

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“Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe” slot game – meet the luck!

Lucky Ladys Charm deluxe

Well, who among us would not dream to get acquainted with Lady Luck? “Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe” slot sends you into the world of luck with all the symbols and unexpected surprises! What attracts good luck? Rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover, coins? How about going directly to Mrs. Luck! She will certainly be glad to take you, so play “Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe” online as soon as possible and your life will change for the better.

A beautiful fantastic valley dotted with purple rays, brilliant gold and beautiful green noble metal. This is the place where Lady Luck lives. The slot machine “Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe” offers you to go to visit this place.

Overview of the gaming machine

Good luck … Someone resigns entire novels and short stories about it, others prove its existence with dry facts based on logic, well, some do not believe in it until the end of his days. In any case, luck is the thing too much spoken about, to consider it non-existent. The special slot game “Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe” in an updated version can be your best attraction magnet to luck because the reels have a full set of elements to attract it.

When you run the game machine ” Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe”, you will find yourself in a beautiful valley dotted with sparkling lights and purple light. On the top you will see a huge sign with the name of the machine covered with gold and brilliant green metal. All reels are gently faceted with shiny stripes, and each symbol is designed to the smallest details. The slot seems to have a very high quality and will not cause you gripes!

With every spin of the reel, you will hear the good old familiar and loved by everyone sound. Even if you are not a very experienced player, then you will wrap nostalgic memories and joy of past successful games. After the successful combination is set, upbeat music begins to play and the symbols begin to spin and sparkle beautifully. The animation in the slot machine “Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe” online is too high.

Functions and rules of the game

What, in your opinion, can attract good luck? Gold coins, clover with four leaves, a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot, a ladybug? All these symbols are perfectly displayed in the machine, but they make only the beginning of the list of symbols. There are also classic card symbols- 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. They look great and do not violate the atmosphere of a pleasant and attractive slot. Among all these symbols the most advantageous for you will become the rabbit’s foot and the ladybird.

To feel the embrace of Lady Luck at its full capacity, you will need to focus on the other symbols. Namely – the bonus symbols. The first among them is the symbol of a beautiful blonde that is personifying luck. It is the «Wild» symbol and if it appears on the active payline of the reel, it can turn into any other symbol to produce bigger and better combinations. That’s not all! If luck was able to replace something, the win after such a presence will be doubled!

15 Free Spins with a Lucky Lady

In this slot machine you can not do without magic spells of Mrs. Luck. A special symbol «Scatter» in the form of two hands with a pink round sphere on the screen in an amount of 3, 4 or 5 will launch the bonus game with 15 free spins of the reel. And when the time comes to take stock of the amount won during the bonus game, it will be multiplied in three times!

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King of Cards Free Slot

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Feel Like Becoming a King? Try to Get a Title with “King of Cards” Slot Game!

King of Cards

If you are a brave and reckless man, then “King of Cards” slot game from the Novomatic company will be a real gem for you in the world of virtual gambling. The slot has become popular quite a long time ago, mostly due to the characteristics such as eye-catching and striking appearance of this video slot, a great gaming experience than provides you with an opportunity to quickly and easily gain a long-awaited victory, as well the user-friendly interface that will attract your attention, and online automatic Quest for Gold. Do you want to learn more about the slot? Then read along and get all the information you need to enjoy the game.

Play “King of Cards” Online: Gameplay

The gameplay of “King of Cards” slot takes place on 5 game reels and 9 pay lines, which are allowing fans of the virtual video slots to build a large number of combinations involving different thematic symbols. An important role in achieving the goals plays the design of this very slot machine, as well as nice music, which strongly promotes the right attitude for developing your own winning strategy. The “King of Cards” video slot provides a variety of bonuses and extra rounds, for example, among them you will find the prize game, the doubling game, as well as the opportunity to rotate the reels of the game for free.

Every gambler knows a lot of different games, in which the cards are the basic tools. However, not everyone knows about the existence of an unusual video slot game where the card game and the process of spinning the reels are combined together to create an amazing effect that will not only entertain the players, but will bring them some nice winnings. The unusual tandem of these two completely different entertainments can perfectly enrich and relax you, because it, in addition to important basic features of “one-armed bandit”, has a lot of card options hidden inside. For example, the presence of a special card in the slot, which helps to further multiply the fixed prize. Scatter symbol, being a very unusual figure, always appears unexpectedly and gives the players of the “King of Cards” 15 free spins, as well as three-time multiplier for each of them.

“King of Cards” Tips and Tricks: Combinations and Bonuses

Basically, there are more than 40 different symbol combinations in the slot that you can easily explore, as the “King of Cards” is both available to play for free, as well as for real money. Some certain combinations with Jokers can bring you the great profit which can be up to 9000 coins.

Combinations and prizes:

  • fans and hearts – to 750 coins;
  • clubs and diamonds – up to 400 coins;
  • aces and kings – up to 125 coins;
  • etc – to 100 coins.

It is possible that, depending on the number of pay lines you have activated, you may simultaneously get several combinations that will add up and increase your winnings.

You can increase the capital in the game in different ways and, given the low probability of getting the jackpot, playing the risk is the most effective way to do that. The process is very simple and for that there is a separate field with a single card in the middle of the screen. To get each winning multiplied twice, participants need to guess the color of the hidden card.

Of course, the prize can be multiplied by any number of times, but not everyone knows how to consistently win lucky, having a fair chance in a gaming machine – 50 of 50.

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