Pharaohs Gold III Free Slot

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Go Ancient and Rich with “Pharaoh’s Gold III” Slot Game

Pharaohs Gold III Free Slot

Antiquity in all its forms is simply mesmerizing, isn’t it? And if you start playing the “Pharaoh’s Gold III” slot game machine powered by Novomatic Group, you will realize its beauty and charm very fast! Just give the game a go, anf it willingly reveal all the secrets of ancient Egypt to you, teach you how to interpret the ancient writings correctly. Together with the “Pharaoh’s Gold III” slot machine everyone has the opportunity to get into an Egyptian pyramid, and all of its valuables. This unique opportunity is available to any player, and there is no need in going to Egypt for doing that. Are you intrigued about the slot game? Then keep reading to learn all you need to know about it!

Closer Look at “Pharaoh’s Gold III” Slot

The five-reel “Pharaoh’s Gold III” slot offers you to plunge into the history and really go back in time. The excellent design and slots themselves will contribute to your plunging (the subject of the “Pharaoh’s Gold III” concerns the Egyptian belief in the afterlife, but this gaming machine looks nothing like grim), as well as the soundtrack of the game. Also of a particular importance are the amazing characters that will appear regularly on nine pay lines of the “Pharaoh’s Gold III” not only reminding you of the great history of Egypt, but also bringing some great gains with excellent payout ratio. The treasures of Ancient Egypt are truly immense, and if you want to get at least a small part of them, do not loiter any minute. The faster you play the “Pharaoh’s Gold III” slot online, the sooner you will get your first capital, which, in spite of all superstition, will surely bring you good luck.

Traveling around the world is incredibly exciting, but extremely expensive, so not everyone can afford to cross the waters and continents regularly in search of new emotions and adventures. “Pharaoh’s Gold III” slot machine is the best place for this kind of entertainment; it is the only place you are paid for an interesting pastime, and not vice versa! The designers and developers of Novomatic Group have created a number of unusual characters and features that help you to get valuable prizes in the game, so that you always complete the game with success. Wild symbol, for example, appearing on the active lines, always helps guests to earn valuable prizes, and takes the form of other characters, complementing prize combination. Scatter in the form of an eye hieroglyphic is also a capable figure. This symbol is not only counted whenever appearing at any line, but also gives participants some completely free spins!

“Pharaoh’s Gold III” Tips and Tricks: Bonus Features and Games

In an unusual addition to the emulator special characters present additional opportunities, the correct use of which always leads to a capital increase. Thus, the slot has the signature “Gamble or Collect” feature that is triggered every time you get a winning combination at the regular play. If you take a risk, you will see a video poker type screen where you have to beat the dealer’s card from one of the remaining four. If you manage to do that, you will double your winning from the last spin. You can keep doubling it up for maximum of five times unless you lose or decide to take your winnings.

With this “arsenal” even the jackpot is not as necessary, because sometimes one correct solution can bring an impressive prize.

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