Fruit Cocktail Free Slot

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Refresh Yourself and Win a Prize with “fruit cocktail” Slot Game

Fruit Cocktail Free Slot

“Fruit Cocktail” slot machine is great machine both for experienced players, as well as for newcomers to the world of slot machines. Because of the symbols used in it you can run drooling, and you will always want to return to it again and again! “Fruit Cocktail” slot machine has no unnecessary intricacies, is easy to use and has potentially promising big wins, along with a clear, beautiful graphics and crisp sound effects!

Play “Fruit Cocktail” Online: Rules and Gameplay

Well, who has not dreamed about getting vacation at any moment, and now it is possible, as long as you can play “Fruit Cocktail” for free in our online casino for money and without registration! After all, only here you will relax, sipping Fruit Cocktail, and see the money filling your account. But to make the winning process go faster, we recommend you to pay a little time to read the rules, which we have described for you below.

As we have already said that playing online slot machine Fruit Cocktail is a great way to have a rest. This is reflected not only in the names and symbols of the game, but also in its mechanism. So, to make it easier for you to play this slot, the designers and developers had chosen the most common version of the slot with five reels, and you also have the opportunity to select from one up to nine active pay lines per game. All the winning combinations of the slot can be found in the Payout table, so you can check them out before you start playing. In fact, pretty soon you will remember them by heart, as long as you will not leave the “Fruit Cocktail” for a long time! From that very table you can see that winning jackpot allows you to increase your initial bet up to five thousand times. Intrigued?

“Fruit Cocktail” Strategies: The Game

So, before you finally go on your little vacation, the only thing that remains to say is that the bonus games are absent in “Fruit Cocktail” slot. This was done not because of laziness of developers, they just wanted to emphasize that here you do not need to waste your time to learn the rules, because you can simply spin the reels and start winning. But there is still the chance of risk game in the slot. Every time you get a winning combination, you will have the opportunity to double your winnings using the “risk or pick up” (use the «bet one» or «bet max» to select).  If you decide to take a chance, then you will be transferred to a new screen “Fruit Cocktail” gaming machine, where you will see 5 cards. The first inverted face-up card of the dealer card is the one you have to beat to double your winnings. Of course, you can take your money and leave this screen if you are not sure that you find a card of higher value of the remaining four.

 You can perform this procedure as many times as you wish, and double your winnings over and over again!

 If you collect 3 or more “scattered” symbols in the form of strawberries, in any position on the reels, you are transported to a game called “Fever.” The game takes place on a separate screen, and it involves 3 reels located around the board. Running around the light beam stops on one of the characters at random, and promising you big winnings if the character on the board will be paired with one of the symbols on the three reels of the “Fruit Cocktail” slot.

All of this continues until the light beam stops on the square “Exit”, and each pair made ​​up adds to the factor to the sum you already won (right up to x100!).

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