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Get Some Booze and Win a Prize with “Lucky Haunter” Slot Game

Lucky Haunter

If you had a bad day and you want to finish it in a comfortable place in the warm company – come to the “Lucky Haunter” bar. Here you can not only relax, but also pass the evening at a great slot gaming machine, playing “Lucky Haunter” for free! The rules of the “Lucky Haunter” slot game are incredibly simple, so it won’t take you long to figure out how to play it. After a short workout you will be able to gamble it with great success without registration needed. Want more information about the slot? Then keep reading to learn everything you need.

The “Lucky Haunter” Slot Game: How to Play

The “Lucky Haunter” slot machine has the same structure as any other slot game machine in most popular online casinos. The playing field consists of five reels with images of various snacks and drinks. To play the game you can choose any number of pay lines from possible nine, which will be used to count your winning combinations. Maximum allowable gain on the same line is 5000 credits. And you will get it, if five images of the round wooden sign with the name of the bar “Lucky Haunter” would appear at any of the selected pay lines. However, if you decide to give the slot game a spin to play for free, then this prize for you would be purely symbolic. But playing for real money, you can get enough of a big win.

Playing the “Lucky Haunter” slot online, you will not only relax, but also earn significantly. The slot itself is a simple device that does not have auto mode and free spins, but after each winning combination you can try to increase your winnings by playing on doubling risk game. To do this, after the successful spin you will have, the DOUBLE button should be pressed. After that the five beer cans will appear, and you will have to decide which one has the number inside that would be bigger than the one that is open already; or you should find the one that has Joker inside. Despite the fact that you can play “Lucky Haunter” for free, during guessing procedure you can open as many cans as you wish as long as you guess correctly. But in case you do not want to risk your winning anymore, you can stop doubling any time by pressing the Start button, and again return to the main game screen.

“Lucky Haunter” Slot Machine: The Bonus Game

To whet your interest in the game, the developers have prepared a surprise in the form of a bonus game, which, by the way, falls quite frequently. Playing “Lucky Haunter” slot for free or for real money, you will encounter a Wild symbol in the shape of a horseshoe, which can replace any other symbol and thus complete a winning combination. In the case of the appearance on the screen, in any part location, from three to five beer caps, you will hear a fun melody and get into the bonus game. After that 5 tubes will appear on the screen, which must be turned. On each of them the inscription is hidden, which contains the number of credits you won, or label EXIT, which ends the bonus game. If you do not see this line at none of the five plugs, then you will get to the next bonus round where you have to choose one of the two dishes covered. If it would be fried chicken, your gain will be significantly increased; but if there would be fish bones on the plate that you open, the bonus game will end.

The “Lucky Haunter” free slot machine does not have any serious plot development, but will help you to unwind after a hard day at work, and in case you play for real money, to get good gains.

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