Resident Free Slot

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Resident Free Slot

If you have always liked playing spies, it’s time to restart your games again, but in a different form now! And there is a little help for you in this task – to do that you can simply play “Resident” online – the plot of which is the story of the military intelligence officer who has got into the enemy’s rear. And the minute you start playing this great slot, you will feel that the most exciting part of your slot gaming experience has just begin!

The five-reel and nine pay lined “Resident” slot was developed by Igrosoft for all those people who cannot imagine their lives without adventures, and like the slot games with unusual events that are somehow related to the history. All symbols of the slot machine are directly related to the breathtaking investigation process, and reflect the seriousness of law, risk and luck. Put your trust on the brave intelligence agent you will see at the bottom part when you play “Resident” for free or for cash, and all these guns and revolvers, awards and epaulets will bring you nothing more but the great benefits!

If you decide you take a risk and give the game a go, you will not only have to do perfect during the game at the main field, but also go through the bonus round successfully, and that is when you will get a lot of pleasant surprises that will allow you to create your first bankroll.

“Resident” Slot Special Features

Some of the distinctive features you find in this very slot are those details that make the game stand out of the crowd of other free online slot game machines. Moreover, there are a lot of things you would have never found out about (if only we wouldn’t tell you that in this article). For example, the pay lines in the slot are counted in both directions – from right to left and from left to right, which doubles your chances of gaining the winning combination.

The other important detail in the “Resident” slot game is that you should have not less than three symbols in your line. But whenever something is not forming the way you need it to be, you will be helped by the Fire Extinguisher that represents the Wild Symbol in the game. It replaces any symbol in the game, and it also helps you in the bonus game (which is going to be described next). Thus, try to get the Fire Extinguisher in your arsenal, and who knows – maybe it will save your life?

“Resident” Tips and Tricks: the Bonus Game

The “Resident’s” bonus game has two consecutive phases: during the first one you will have to open four safes; and during the second you will need to search for your assistant – radio operator Kat. The bonus game is triggered whenever you get more than three Safe Symbols in your reels. When opening the safes, the items you find will bring you credits, but in case you happen to find dynamite, the bonus game is over.

As long as dynamite is being put into the safes randomly, it may happen that all the safes are going to finish your game. Yet, if you have a Fire Distinguisher, you will be able to snuff out one of the explosions.

In case all the four safes you have opened did not contain dynamite, you will get to a second task – there would be two doors in front of you, and you will have to make the right choice. There would be radio operator Kat behind one door, and unfriendly German officer behind the other, and there is no need in explaining which door is more beneficial for you to open, right?

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